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  • Submoon by Firewire

    Posted On: Saturday December 20, 2014Category: Longboards

    A new high performance longboard has been introduced by firewire this month and is surely a different concept from past designs. ...READ MORE

  • High5

    Posted On: Friday December 19, 2014Category: Surfboards

    The high5 is one of Channel Island's newest designs dropped into our presence to allow for an easy going, forgiving wave catching machine! ...READ MORE

  • Hypto Krypto

    Posted On: Thursday December 18, 2014Category: Surfboards

    The Hypto Krytpo by Hayden Shapes is a favourite when it comes to all round epoxy surfboards, It scored the board of the year and heres a video to show you why! ...READ MORE

  • Girls & Women's PJ's

    Posted On: Monday December 8, 2014Category: Fashion

    Are you tired of searching for a nice pair of summer pyjamas that you CAN be caught outside in?? Then look no further because Slimes Erina Fair have you covered with the new Rip Curl Pyjama range... ...READ MORE

  • Mini Blaster

    Posted On: Sunday December 7, 2014Category: Accessories

    From the blaster came the "mini" blaster. This small square shaped gadget is the perfect christmas present for any age.. ...READ MORE