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  • Worlds First & Best GPS Surf Tide Watch

    Posted On: Saturday November 1, 2014Category: Accessories

    The Rip Curl Search GPS Watch is like no other in the lineup. Track your surf, register your top speed and distance and rack up your wave count in each session. ...READ MORE

  • Globe Roam Lyte

    Posted On: Friday October 31, 2014Category: Fashion

    We have recently received a shipment of Globes newest Jogger/Runners here at slimes. The Roam Lyte is built for the perfect mix of comfort & style. They are extremely light meaning they are the perfect sport shoe. ...READ MORE

  • New Havaianas

    Posted On: Tuesday October 21, 2014Category: Accessories

    Are you over having plan old thongs? Why not spice it up and run some colour or even some prints. Here at slimes we just received some cool new Havaiana designs for both men & women. ...READ MORE

  • Women's Nixon Kensington

    Posted On: Monday October 20, 2014Category: Accessories

    Ladies we just re stocked your favourite Nixon watch. The Kensington, now in black, white & gold was one of our best sellers and now its back looking even sharper! With the touch of a stylish leather band this gem is a one of a kind! ...READ MORE

  • Vissla Boardshorts & Tee's

    Posted On: Saturday October 18, 2014Category: Fashion

    New Boardshort designs & patterns from Vissla this month, right in time for you to get your wardrobe looking a littlle more summerish. Plus a couple of cool new Tee's dropped in as well. ...READ MORE